Nustone offers a wide variety of both natural and manufactured stone for commercial and residential needs.

Our range consists of:

  • House with Haddonstone paved verandahManufactured Stone
        NUSTONE PRESSED CONCRETE PAVERS - manufactured from
        the highest grade raw materials and available in a wide range of
        colours manufactured in Australia to exacting standards.
  • Natural Stone
        AUSTRALIAN GRANITE - a hard wearing natural choice that
        compliments and adds aesthetic value to any architectural style.
     Nustone Pavers   AUSTRALIAN PORPHYRY STONE- has a unique appeal as each
        stone has a unique individual appearance with rugged appeal.
        IMPORTED STONE- Nustone has a wide range of imported
        granite, basalt, sandstone, bluestone, marble, limestone and
        travertine available.
        Contact us for further information on our imported stone.
  • Architectural Design Elements
        Nustone has a wide range of columns, balustrading, facade
        elements and wall capping in standard sizes or items can be made
        to suit you particular needs.